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Making Mama's Milk & More has been featured in Southern Child Magazine, as well as WGGB 40, ABC World News, and CTV in Canada.



"I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and mother of five. I have been using your cookies and I love them! By the time my daughter was 6wks old, I had 50 feedings stored in the freezer! I stopped using the cookies but have realized how much they help and just reordered. I encourage all my breastfeeding moms to try them. Mom in Louisiana"


"I was looking for a natural way to try to boost my breast milk supply after having my newborn son. I have had to supplement each of my children and this time I am really trying hard to not have to do that. I found Making Mama's Milk on facebook. I was so excited to read about other women having success from cookies! Who wouldn't love that?? I love cookies! I was able to get in on a flash sale and got some of the butterscotch cookies! MMMmm! The minute I opened the box, I was eating them! They are delicious!!! The first day I started eating them and into the second, I noticed I seemed 'fuller' and my son seemed more content! The third day I was actually able to pump just over 3 ounces and save it for later! WoW! I have never been able to do that and I have three children!! I have been blessed by a cookie!! :D



"The cookies are awesome!!!! Noticed a 3 oz increase........ :) Mommy online!"


"Excellent cookies, increased lactation after the first one! ♥ ---Jennifer"


Here is a review from Mummiesnummies:


"I got my cookies a few days ago and they're already working! My little girl has only had 1 oz of formula to supplement today instead of the usual 4. - Damaskus, Mom in PA"



"Not only are these cookies delicious! But they have definitely bumped up my supply. I went back to work and was concerned about not pumping enough to keep up with my baby’s needs and I saw a definite increase after a few days of snacking on the Making Mamas Milk cookies! My milk production pretty much doubled! They are a great and healthy snack with wonderful ingredients! Especially for moms who don’t have the time (or two hands!) to bake. Thanks for making such a great product!!! -----Angela, mom in Ohio"


"My breast milk that I pumped after increasing my breast milk from my cookies.

This is what I was able to pump after eating a few cookies the night before. 6 OUNCES from one side!

This is also after feeding my 3 month old 2 different times. This was pumped at 10:15am, and then my son woke up at 11:45, and I had to feed him again from both sides because I had so much milk. Very exciting! These cookies are awesome! ----- Mom in Northeast"