WELCOME to MilkBoosters! 

        My name is Dori Acevedo - a mom of 6. I created MilkBoosters (Formerly MakingMamasMilk) back in late 2011. I had just had my 5th child, a boy, when I began having trouble keeping up with his feedings. I was determined to make it a full year with breastfeeding, so I began to research what I could do to help myself with that goal. 

        My husband, Christopher, who is an amazing cook, helped me to figure out the foods and/or the herbs that would increase a woman's breast milk supply. After, much research we decided that we would use those things and mix them into my Babci's (Polish grandmother) recipe she had for cookies. Alone the recipe was to die for, but once I added the other things they began to taste even better! I didn't want to be stuck taking fenugreek pills until I smelled like maple syrup and I didn't like the taste of the teas, so this delicious cookie was a huge find!

        I have always been in different forums discussing parenting, pregnancy, and of course breastfeeding. I had come to understand that this wasn't just a small problem, but a huge problem for a lot of women. A light bulb went off in my head! 

     My husband was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder the previous year and I could not go back to work, because of the cost of childcare, and not being able to leave the children alone with my husband because of his disorder. I had my maternity leave and my vacations saved up, but those were running out fast, and I had to think of a way to help my family, even in a small way to make ends meet. I decided I could make these delicious cookies and share that amazing experience of boosting your breast milk with others. It has been an amazing adventure. I have met many Mom's, Dad's and Families who have benefited from our cookies. It has brought me great joy to send out the very thing that helps women everywhere breastfeed their babies, pump and donate to others, or just simply create a stash. 

       I hope you enjoy our website and the friendship that we will create together on your breastfeeding journey!

Boosting your supply, one cookie at a time.